Reasons Why You Should Visit Canberra

Canberra was hailed the 3rd best city in the world. You read it right. Canberra made it to top 3 in the whole world. There has been a long battle between Melbourne and Sydney on which city is better. But Canberra doesn’t have to argue at all. Just come and see for yourself.

It’s Small Yet Has a Lot of Things to Show

Canberra is criminally overlooked and is not getting the credit it deserves. It’s a small city, yes, that’s a fact. But great things come in small packages. That’s exactly the edge of Canberra over Sydney and Melbourne. The small residences and neighbourhood allow the city to be traffic free. We’re sure that many countries would envy the driving experience and Amsterdam sightseeing boat tour vibe of Canberra. Another thing that makes Canberra great is the emergence of an endless landscape in a small city with that small town feel.

Fresh Food and Dishes are Everywhere

The city is still dominated by nature not the other way around. You’ll be surprised how fresh the food can be. They are freshly picked from the farm and delivered to restaurants and market places every morning. Expect your food to be colorful with good slices of Aussie beef. Aussie’s cuisine is so rich that we can build a unique website revolving around food. Their way of cooking is quite traditional which makes it interesting.

Nature is Not Stripped Off of Its Glory

There are no too many houses or buildings. Canberra’s government ensures that nature won’t be stripped off of its glory. They constantly make an effort to take care of their nature and the species that thrive in the natural environment. The result, there are one million species of flowers to gaze at, cheap website mobile traffic growth forecast, endangered species protected, and fresh air every day without a single hint of pollution. What a dreamy place to live in. Canberra is a great example of a city that cares about nature and proof that we don’t have to destroy our nature to make our city prosper.