Cute Yet Useful Aussies’ Slangs to Remember

To be an Aussie is knowing the slangs of the nation. They are useful whenever you are trying to connect with them or even in bargaining for a discount voucher code. Get started in knowing these slangs before your visit, and let them work in wonders for you.

Top drop

When you say “top drop”, you are asking for the best drink the restaurant has to offer. Aussies are known for their love for wine. They love wine so much that they have to create a slang for it. The next time you visit a local restaurant in Canberra, you just need two words to express your appetite for an extremely good bottle of wine. You can even use this slang while you’re at Amsterdam city centre trip, it has been accepted by other nations as a good slang for quality wines.

Toss the Boss

It’s a famous drinking game in Australia where you toss a coin in the presence of the bartender to determine whether you have to pay for your drink. Sounds fun right? During a big event as big as the Amsterdam holiday, mention “toss the boss”. You will set the mood of the party. You’ve got nothing to lose anyway only to gain. Who doesn’t want the possibility of getting a free drink?

Are your ears painted on?

If an Aussie guy asks you, are your ears painted on? He doesn’t mean it literally. You don’t have paint on your ear, so don’t bother checking. He is trying to tell you to listen, or you’re not listening at all. This is a bad sign if you are trying to save money on electronics using shopping offers coupons online. Apologize and say hooroo (take it easy). Australians are good communicators and quite frank in their manner of speaking. Don’t take it personally.

She’ll be apples

Do you have an Aussie friend you just met and want to comfort him or her? You’ll need just one phrase to do just that. Tell your friend, “she’ll be apples”. It’s an Aussie’s way of saying, everything will be alright. Your friends will be stoke.