Canberra’s Most Awaited Events

For visitors who like to socialize and participate in major events, Canberra would be an ideal city to do that. If there are plenty of what to do in Amsterdam, Canberra can be a good rival to that.

National Folk Festival

Have you ever been to Glastonbury? National Folk Festival is quite similar. It’s a 5-day of non-stop celebration. Within those five days, there will be 200 performances from various artists offering different styles of folk music. The purpose of the festival is to enliven the celebration for good music and unite the people through it. If you like a dinner cruise Amsterdam, you will surely love this festival. Get yourself immersed to the wonders of music and great company.

Anzac Day

Every year, the residents commemorate the Australian war and the lives lost because of it. First World War almost devastated the city. Many lives lost, dreams shattered, and cries unheard due to the gravity of the war. The memorial has resemblance with the Amsterdam city pass. The event reminds us of how fortunate we are to live in a time where peace is present. And we must protect this peace at all cost.

The Truffle Festival

Expert foodies know how valuable and rare truffles are. Truffle is a hard-to-find ingredient, it is a gem in the culinary world. But it’s quite robust in Canberra, and they even have an event just for this delightful dish. The truffle festival is one of the most awaited festivals in Australia. Part of the festival is the truffles digging. Please be advised that it won’t be as easy as finding a fake profile that you think. After finding truffles, there will truffle’s cooking competition. And finally, truffle tasting. A fabulous reward for your hard work in finding them

Floriade Festival

Floriade festival is being held every spring when flowers bloom and when the weather is nice. This tradition started in 1988 and is still being observed by the residents. It also a major tourism event where people around the world visit Canberra to be part of the horticultural festival. There will be good wines, artistic displays, and other exciting recreational activities to spend the day.